LoL: Sense of humour is a rare sense


Many people in this world want to laugh and stay happy but there are only some who love to make others laugh. The question is why we shall have a good sense of humour? The answer is — our life is too complicated.

You might think that your life is going well but believe me this is just a phase. You will have to face difficulty in life, so a sense of humour helps to make it easy. Here are some points that can help you to improve your sense of humour.


Observation is a very important point to improve sense of humour. When we observe things carefully then we notice something very common and funny.  For example – when you see a relatable meme on the internet you relate yourself to that meme and then you start laughing. That means jokes like ‘Santa-Banta ‘ are not funnier because they are not too relatable

Laughing at yourself

Instead of laughing and making jokes on others, laugh at yourself. When we make fun of others at the beginning people may laugh on it but, in long term people will start disliking you. Laughing at your own self can help you to stay joyful because you know to laugh at yourself so when others will make fun of you, you may not feel bad.

Joke according to interest

If you tell a teenager a joke made for kids then that teen’s laugh will not be natural. So, crack jokes according to the interest. 

Joke with apt expressions

There are some who tell even the funniest joke in such a manner that the joke becomes boring. So, while telling your joke, tell it in a funny manner. With this quality boring jokes will also be interesting and funny. 

The writer is a student of class 7 in DAV Kapil Dev, Ranchi