After petrol, diesel breaches Rs 100 mark in Ranchi

Ranchi: Making matters worse for general people, diesel rates too has crossed Rs 100 mark now in Ranchi, days after petrol surged beyond the three digit mark. Pramod Kumar, spokesperson of Jharkhand Petroleum Dealers Association on Tuesday night informed that following the dynamic pricing mechanism of fuel companies, diesel will cost Rs 100.17 in Ranchi from Wednesday. From Saturday onwards, petrol breached the three digit figure.

Pramod Kumar, owner of Shambhavi fuels in Ranchi and a spokesperson of Jharkhand Petroleum Dealers Association, said, “Diesel will cost above Rs 100 in Ranchi from tomorrow. New prices will come be applicable from Wednesday.”

Petrol was currently sold at Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) fuel pumps at Rs 100.25 and diesel at 99.80 until Tuesday. Following the hike, petrol will come at Rs 100.58/l and diesel at Rs 100.17/l.

The unprecedented hikes are for the first time in the history of Jharkhand since it was carved out of Bihar in 2000, threatening to have reeling effect on other services in coming days.

“It seems, people have to lend money to run households and vehicles,” remarked a citizen. Another commuter said, “State government must step in to bail out people at a time when covid-19 pandemic has cut jobs and salary.”