Jharkhand: Dog bite victim given 3rd dose of Covid vax in Palamu

Ranchi: In a bizarre incident, a 51-year-old man, identified as Raju Singh, who was fully vaccinated for covid-19, received third dose of jab when he went to a local health centre in Jharkhand’s Palamu district seeking anti-rabies drug. The incident occurred on Saturday. A day after, Palamu’s civil surgeon Dr Anil Kumar ordered investigation into the faux-pass.

Singh, a tractor drive by profession, by bitten by a dog on Friday night. Next day, he rushed to a community health centre in Paton block in Palamu to get rabies injection. He said that he registered for dog bite treatment at the out patient department (OPD) of the health centre, but ended up getting an additional shot of Covishield. He said, “I took both doses of Covishield in the past. Now, I was given third shot. I don’t know if it will be safe or not.”

Civil surgeon said, “I have asked concerned officials of Paton health centre to investigate the lapses. As of now, he (Raju) hasn’t developed any health issues. He is fine though.”

Notably, this is the first instance of anyone getting extra jab for covid-19 even though there are rising demands of booster shots for further safeguard from the contentious virus. On the lapses, Kumar said that it is a subject of detailed investigation but said that while administration of the vaccine, vax history of the person wasn’t clear.

“We were told that the concerned health officials before giving the covid jab to Raju didn’t find any vaccine history of Raju in the online registration system.”

Sources however said that Raju provided separate phone numbers for covid vax registration as well as for enrolment at OPD for rabies injection, which is why his details were probably not readily available on the central portal.