Now, Jharkhand launches its tribal jewellery brand

Ranchi: Tribal ornaments in Jharkhand will be sold under the brand name — Adiva. Jharkhand State Livelihood Promotion Society (JSLPS), a unit of the state rural development department, which works for livelihood promotion in among rural women, have formally announced while unveiling the brand name. JSLPS CEO Nancy Sahay said that the locally crafted tribal jewellery by adivasi women will be sold through Palash mart, a chain of stores run by JSLPS.

Sahay said that the move is aimed at boosting income of self-help group women engaged in making of tribal jewellery. “Under Adiva, all such tribal ornaments will now be sold. At Palash, we have been putting different items made by SHG groups to help in generating better market for their produces. The new initiate is an addition to it,” she said.

State rural development department secretary Manish Ranjan hailed the move. “It will ensure right branding and pricing of the product which will benefit women artisans in the longer run,” he said.

Another official added, “Women are making different kinds of jewelry items using forest produce, silver, brass, and even iron. Initially, we have come up with necklaces, ear rings, bangles which are made of brass, silver, artificial beads, and stones. Gradually, the range will be increased. At JSLPS, besides capacity building of such SHGs, we are also helping them with market linkages,” he said, adding that some of the works by many SHGs are outstanding but laggard due to proper recognition and platform.