Spotted! A tiger in Palamu reserve


Latehar: Palamu Tiger Reserve, Jharkhand’s lone abode for big cat is still not fully deserted by the presence of the majestic feline charm as forest officials have managed to spot a tiger in Baresarn range falling in the core region on Monday. Breaking the news to media on Tuesday, tiger reserve’s field director said that a team of trackers and ranger saw the tiger through naked eyes during the field patrolling last evening.

The reason why PTR authorities are excited with the fresh spotting is because it is only after over a period of at least one year that any visible signs of tiger has surface. Secondly, the developments contradicts the national tiger census report published by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) which couple of years back had dubbed zero tigers here. While the state government had immediately contested the report stating that they have at least three tigers, but inadequate sightings either through direct or through camera traps often remained a concern.

“The last sighting was in camera trap in early last year. This time, our men have saw it through their eyes. Unless, the current tiger gets captured in camera, it is difficult to tell any more details on it whether it was the same tiger or a different one,” remarked an official.

PTR’s field director Kumar Ashutosh conceded the spotting and said that they are now trying to gather further evidences such as kills by the tiger, scat sample or others to corroborate the evidences and reach to any conclusion.

PTR is spread on 1140 sq km of which around 400 is a core area and rest demarcated as buffer zone. The population of tiger here has dwindled over the decade owing to various reasons such as increased human intervention, decreasing prey base and management issues.