Spotted! Greater Falmingo for the first time in Koderma

Ranchi: A team of bird watchers have claimed to have spotted a small group of Greater Flamingo for the first time in natural habitat in Telaiya dam in Jharkhand’s Koderma district as part of the Asian Waterbird Census this year.

On Sunday, team of avian watchers and experts from the state unit of Indian Bird Conservation Network, Neo Human Foundation and others visited the picturesque dam in Koderma, also known for rich biodiversity and home to host of migratory birds, for the survey. The team also registered about 6000 birds of over two dozen species here during their study, which some claimed that the numbers are much higher in recent years.

Satya Prakash, state coordinator of IBCN said that while there were reports of rescue of one Greater Flamingo from Godda district in Jharkhand couple of years back, but in Koderma, they have recorded it for the first time.

“This apart, we also noted big flock of Bar-headed Goose and we were surprised to see a green collar tagged ringed with K series. Again this K-series bar headed goose was spotted after six years. These collars were originally put by scientists from Mongolia, which means they have again come from there this time,” he said.

Bar headed goose with K-series collar. TNF picture

The team is conducting survey with the help of forest department on lower scale this year. Besides Telaiya, survey is also done at other water bodies namely Latma, Gonda and in Udhwa bird sanctuary in Sahibganj.