At Congress re-strengthening meet, Subodh calls for reinforcing party’s rich ideology

Ranchi: Former Ranchi MP and ex-Union minister Subodh Kant Sahai said that it was time to revisit Congress ideology to enforce the incumbent coalition government in Jharkhand to force the administration to tow the line of public welfare. He appealed party cadres to reinforce India’s secularism by raising the slogan “do or die”.

“To make the organization effective, we must use struggle as a weapon in addition to government engagement. This battle will be fought not against the Hemant Soren and Alamgir Alam governments, but against radical communalism, which is attempting to impose its ideology across the country,” he said while addressing during Jharkhand Congress’s ongoing samwad programmes held across all the commisionaries to strengthen the party.

He said, “First and foremost, I would want to recall the vibrant revolutionary legacy of Jharkhand state, which has made tremendous contributions both ideologically and socio culturally. This land is the birth-karma-bhoomi of the great Birsa Munda and it belongs to Mother Bhadrakali’s holy area. Heroes like Sido Kanhu are born here, while mass movements like Kol, Santhal, and Munda complete the tribal society’s identity. This land has attracted worldwide attention and salutations to the holy land.”

He added, “You should all be proud to be a part of a national organization that not only represents a timeless concept but also keeps it relevant, perpetuates, and maintains its international significance. Today, when the Congress’ Gandhian ideology, freedom of speech, and communal harmony have taken a back seat and are ripping our wonderful social fabric apart, the organization must take action to combat it. You are well aware that in today’s atmosphere, all values and institutions are being eliminated, creating a vicious circle in which ancient cultures and civilizations such as India become immoral and narrow. In these trying times, we must become more democratic and re-commit ourselves to maintaining the tradition. We must once again bow down to the sacrifices of our country’s martyrs and swear that we will not allow the martyrs’ penance and sacrifice to be worn away.” 

He went on to say that Congress marked its 136th anniversary on December 28 last year to pay honour to this and to achieve the Congress’s goals. “I’m only wondering as to how many other political organizations in India exist with such a long history and active functioning. We are also commemorating Gandhiji’s 150th birthday,” he said.

“We are the only ones who believe in his legacy who are traditionalists. It’s a do-or-die situation in Congress’s history. In Jharkhand there is a long list of martyrs; we honour Birsa Munda, the Kol revolt hero, we also honour Sido Kanhu, the hero of the Santhal rebellion. We also include a golden account of Sheikh Bhikhari and Tikait Umraon Singh’s histories. The Congress party was instrumental in the establishment of the state,” he highlighted.

Jharkhand has essentially served as the Congress’ Karma Bhoomi. “The issue of the common man has become secondary in recent politics. Jharkhand has been in the hands of such powers for many years, with the goal of dividing and looting,” he said.

 The former Union Minister stated that the goal for the common man’s prosperity was to create a strong administration in the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha in 2024 to give shape to long-cherished ideals.

“If we are to follow Bhagwan Birsa Munda’s route of socio-political struggle, we will have to take a commitment to win all Lok Sabha/ Vidhansabha seats in this area for Congress in 2024,” he said, emphasizing that just as Bhagwan Birsa Munda called for a social revolution, Congress must be committed to launch a popular movement against communalism, in favour of harmony, against social division, poverty, and unemployment. “We must make our organization relevant and effective for the campaign,” he said.

Subodh Kant Sahai, speaking on the South Chotanagpur division, remarked that at some point in this area, a girl from every Khunti household contributed to state, national, and world hockey. Bhagwan Birsa Munda and Jaipal Singh hail from Khunti.