Covid: Ranchi plans doorstep visit to encourage people to take second dose

Ranchi: Your second dose of covid-19 vaccine is pending. Soon, booth level officers (BLOs) in Ranchi will be visiting your doorstep to remind you about it. For, Ranchi district administration has decided to employ BLOs to visit localities to encourage people shying away from getting fully vaccinated to get it done at the earliest.

Deputy commissioner Chhavi Ranjan on Monday directed authorities in this regard asking them to prepare the list of people who are yet to take their second dose. Ranjan said that the move will be in addition to the existing means to encourage greater coverage of the vaccine.

“Officials have been asked to chart details of people whose second dose is pending. BLOs will soon visit the houses to apprise them about it,” he said. 

As per the established procedure, one has to first register with the co-win app by punching his or other Aadhaar, phone and other details to register for the vaccine. Even though, walk-ins are permitted in many places, but there too, the vaccine official follows the same protocol on behalf of the beneficiary to register their details on the national database.

However, officials said that many a times, people fail to get reminders about the second dose due to host of technical reasons. “Some even ignore the message,” said an official, adding that many under-privileged and digitally handicapped people don’t even remember their registered phone number or the vaccine brand upon turning for the second dose as a result of which it proves deterrent for taking timely second dose.

“Hence, we have decided to visit doorsteps to serve reminders with all the relevant details so that people can’t make any excuses for not taking the vaccine,” said an official. 

As per the vaccine bulletin from the state government till Sunday, 1,44,05,761 took the first dose against the target of 2,46,99,677 in Jharkhand. As many as 47,48,943 took both their doses against the target of 70,77,170. In Ranchi, 14,36,637 vis-à-vis 22,28,063 identified beneficiaries received first dose and 6,98,608 out of 8,03,751 got fully vaccinated.