Jharkhand Cong’s booster shot to boost worker’s morale, curb infighting

Ranchi: Jharkhand Congress, which is in power along with JMM and RJD, on Wednesday announced slew of programmes to increase cohesion within the party and revive connect with masses on the ground. As part of its endeavour, it has asked all its four ministers in the state government to hold weekly janta-darbar every Saturday and has tasked them with field visits to six districts per month.

State Congress president Rajesh Thakur said that the new programmes were finalized following the meetings by their newly appointed Jharkhand affairs’ in-charge Avinash Pande who wrapped up its three-day tour earlier this week on Monday.

He said, “Following the extensive meetings with our in-charge and with other stakeholders, we have now decided two key programmes. First is that every Saturday, one of the four ministers will hold janta-darbar at party office in turns. This apart, every minister will undertake tours of at least six districts per month as per their convenience.”

Congress’s leader of legislative party and rural development minister Alamgir Alam on the other hand said that the party and its MLAs are united and as a key coalition partners they are working to increase proper communication and coordination with alliance members and party workers.

“Through janta darbars, we will hear out people’s issues and will try to solve on the spot. This will boost public confidence in our coalition government. Ministers will interact with party workers visiting district through which our cadres on the ground will feel encouraged to speak their concerns,” he said.