Language row: Ex-minister, veteran Congress leader Geetashree resigns from party

Ranchi: Former Jharkhand education minister and a veteran Congress leader Geetashree Oraon on Saturday tendered her resignation from the party, which is currently part of the ruling coalition government here, over the ongoing controversy over the tribal and regional languages for 3rd and 4th grade jobs. She also accused the state government of dilution of the provision of 5th schedule of the constitution here.

In her letter to Congress national president Sonia Gandhi, Oraon wrote that she is tendering resignation with heavy heart as the legacy of his late father Kartik Oraon and Sumati Oraon, who were cabinet minister in Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi’s tenures have been challenged this time.

“The recurrent socio-cultural and political apathy towards the people of this state has hit hard on me. The broader INC ideology that once amounted the rights and privileges of the adivasis has turned hostile. I take offence for my people who have been betrayed. Politics should not be about governing people, but serving for the masses with empathizing the undercurrent emotions and according to the need of the people,” she wrote.

“I am extreme saddened and disheartened that the INC has utterly failed in addressing the issues of the local people of Jharkhand. It pains me more that this is contrary to what veterans of INC late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Indiraji, and Rajiv ji had once dreamt for the adivasis,” she stated highlighting that the recent controversy and uncalled complications of tribal and regional languages for 3rd and 4th grade jobs and dilution of the 5th schedule provisions in the 13 districts of Jharkhand is highly condemned.

“Our rights are being encroached upon by the so called ‘outsiders’ while the same provision of preferring native language in employment and education is respectfully applied in the states like West Bengal, Orissa, Gujarat among others,” he underlined, adding that the state Congress unit has been fostering the recent language controversy and hostility thereby demeaning the very cause of formation of separate state of Jharkhand and the INC is also silent on this.

“For the cause of my people (Adivasis, Sadans and Moolwasis), I hereby tender my resignation,” she noted.