State: No power cuts in DVC command areas from midnight

Ranchi: Damodar Valley Corporation (DVC), which supplies power to seven districts of Jharkhand, will finally end its outages from today midnight, a senior minister in Hemant Soren government announced on Friday after a meeting with the chairman of the power discom R N Singh in Ranchi earlier in the day.

State education minister Jagarnath Mahto said, “Today, we held meeting with DVC chairman at project building in present of our finance minister Rameshwar Oraon and other senior officials where we protested against the serial power cuts in DVC command areas. We have now been assured that from today midnight, DVC will stop outages.”

For last few months, those living in seven districts namely Dhanbad, Giridih, Ramgarh, Bokaro, Hazaribag, Koderma and Chatra have been battling several woes owing to erratic power cuts for hours. The local trade bodies in these districts too have been crying foul over losses due to power cuts coupled with business restriction due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Last week, Mahto took to twitter demanding that DVC chairman must be called to Ranchi to settle the issue. Talking to reporters at Project Building, he informed that he had sent a message to DVC through Bokaro deputy commissioner Kuldeep Chaudhary few days ago.

DVC has been cutting power due to pending bills from state government. Mahto however said that the claims raised by DVC is disputable and that they will now work to solve it on Monday. He said, “According to DVC, their pending dues with us is Rs 2100, but we believe it is Rs 1200. On top of it, DVC owes us water, land, pollution utility bills. Therefore, they should also clear our dues, and we are also ready to do so whatever legitimate claims exist. On Monday, we will work on it. If needed, proposal for funds will be placed in cabinet.”