Stop the crimes, not me, Kapil Mishra tells Jharkhand government

Ranchi: BJP leader Kapil Mishra was detained by Jharkhand police at Birsa Munda international airport in Ranchi for about four hours since Wednesday morning, derailing his scheduled visit to Dulmaha village in Barhi block of Hazaribag. Mishra was later sent back to Delhi via commercial flight at about 1pm.

He was due to meet family members of 17-year-old Rupesh Pandey, who was killed on the night of February 6 in Dulmaha during Saraswati idol immersion. The incident later flared into communal clashes in the area forcing Hazaribag administration to suspended internet services for a day in the district and in adjoining areas. Police reported has also slapped named FIRs on 27 persons and close to half a dozen have been nabbed. Hunt for remaining accused is still on.

Situation in Barhi and parts of Hazaribag however continues to remain sensitive. Opposition BJP and other right wing groups however have been accusing police of failing to invoke mob-lynching acts on the culprits alleging state government of using it for its political gains.

Since then, BJP has been staging protests across the state and several leaders from the saffron camp also visited deceased Pandey’s bereaved family. A five member delegation of the state government too had recently visited the family.

This morning, Mishra was due to visit Barhi but was stopped at the airport and made to go back fearing that his visit may lead to flare up of tensions. Questioning his detention through a video message, Mishra said, “I am not allowed to go to Barhi for reasons best known to the government. I don’t know how will banning me from going there help the government? I wanted to meet the family and offer my condolences. Rather than stopping me, government must stop crime and criminals. We will ensure that the family get justice.”