XLRI: B-school gears up for PIR ratings

Jamshedpur: XLRI is set to participate in the Positive Impact Rating (PIR)-2022 for the third time consecutive year to provide students a chance to evaluate the institution on its initiatives to solve societal and sustainable challenges and assess the positive impact of the B-school.

PIR is a rating by students and for students to address the larger role of business schools and their positive impact which extends beyond their contribution to business and the economy.

XLRI will be participating in the rating for the third consecutive year. XLRI has featured in the list of the top Global Business Schools of the first two editions of Positive Impact Rating.

In the second edition of PIR in 2021, XLRI was categorized under the topmost level, Level 5- ‘Pioneering schools’, a significant increase from its previous evaluation at Level 3. The results of the 2021 edition of the PRI were announced at the World Economic Forum in Lucerne-Burgenstock, Switzerland in May last year.

 “This year, XLRI aims to maintain its ranking in the ‘Pioneering schools’ category. The characterizations of the different levels refer to the developmental stage of the business school,” it stated in a statement.

Fr Paul Fernandes, S.J., XLRI director, said, “We value what our students do, their voices, views and opinions. They are more than students as they actively participate in the emerging and future society making it more and more sustainable for the greater good of humanity. XLRI students have a fine vision of making the planeta better place for all and are able to engage even for global action.”

Fr Donald D’Silva, S.J., dean, administration & finance, said, “PIR survey provides a global platform to the B-school students to put forward their school’s contributions towards building a sustainable future. This reflects the perception of the students of their institution’s positive impact on the larger community. We were delighted when in 2021, XLRI was awarded the highest rating; i.e. Level 5. We are dedicated to work towards continuous and collaborative improvements through mobilizing our students’ opinions and academic choices.”