Hijab row: Doranda college suspends classes in Ranchi

Ranchi: Doranda College, a constituent college under Ranchi University on Thursday was forced to suspend all intermediate classes till further orders owing to protests over wearing of hijab amid the ongoing row over it which broke in BJP ruled Karnataka few days ago.

In Ranchi, over 100 youths including girls who turned at the college gate around 10.30am with banners and posters having message in favour of wearing hijab. While the protestors couldn’t be identified but eyewitness confirmed the developments.

The incident prompted authorities to SoS Doranda police station which rushed to the spot to prevent any flare up.

College principal B P Verma said that as precaution they have suspended intermediate classes. “We don’t know who the protestors were but police is on their job to trace them. As safety, we have cancelled all intermediate morning classes till further notice. Once local administration gives us go ahead, we shall resume,” he said, adding that the college doesn’t subscribe to any particular religion.  

Notably, Supreme Court is also hearing a case today on whether to allow or not wearing of Hijab in educational institutions following row in Karnataka which turned into a political slugfest.