Jharkhand high court gets new justice

Ranchi: Jharkhand high court will receive one more judge soon as the President of India Ram Nath Kovind has approved transfer of seven high court justices to different states. Justice Subhash Chand from Allahabad high court has been transferred to the Jharkhand high court.

Among other justices who were transferred to other states, included Ranjan Gupta from Punjab & Haryana high court to Patna high court; T.S.Sivagnanam of Madras high court to Calcutta; Sureshwar Thakur from Himachal Pradesh high court to Punjab & Haryana high court; P.B.Bhajantri of Karnataka high court to Patna high court; Sanjeev Prakash Sharma of Rajasthan high court to Patna high court; and T. Amarnath Goud from Telangana high court to Tripura high court.

Following the current transfer, the total number of judges at the Jharkhand high court will be 20. Recently, the state high court got four new judges after being elevated from the state judicial services in form of justice Gautam Kumar Choudhary, Ambuj Nath, Navneet Kumar and Sanjay Prasad. All of them have taken the oath last week.