Mining: Union coal secy cites opportunities thrown up by the recent coal crisis

Ranchi: Union coal ministry secretary Anil Kumar Jain on Tuesday said that the recent crisis of coal has offered immense potential for domestic coal companies and has shown that even without any major imports, the country can easily fulfill its requirements for the thermal power plants in India. Jain was addressing the inaugural session of the 3rd CII Jharkhand Mining Conclave at city hotel in Ranchi.

He said, “This year, domestic coal based power plants have generated 24% additional power whereas imported coal based plants have gone down to minus 30%. The industry faces logistical issues during monsoons. Coal India dispatches 13 to 14 lakh tonnes of coal during rainy season and it rises to 19 to 19.5 lakh tonnes in other seasons. The coal producers / commercial miners should become quality and market conscious now as in coming days the coal market seems to change from seller to buyer market. It is a good time for consumers and challenging for the producers.”

Chanakya Chaudhary, Chairman, CII Jharkhand State Council & Vice President of the Corporate Services, Tata Steel Limited said that the 3rd CII Jharkhand Mining Conclave reaffirms the potential that the mining industry alone can achieve in today’s transitional phase of India’s economy.

“The Indian mining industry has developed and modernized over time to become a major economic activity which contributes significantly to the economy of India. Machinery and equipment for the mining sector is of prime importance to the success of Indian manufacturing. At a time when India seeks to chart a course towards raising the share of manufacturing in GDP, as well as expand mining as a foundation for growth, there is a need to accord special attention to the manufacturing of mining equipment,” he said, adding that there is a need to infuse state-of-the-art technology into the equipment so as to make it future ready.

“There is a need to promote a dedicated skill set through training and skill development that will meet the needs of the mining equipment and machinery,” he stressed. 

Somesh Biswas, Convenor, CII Jharkhand Mining Panel & Chief – Raw Material Strategy, Corporate Strategy & Planning, Tata Steel Limited said that if India has to reach its full growth potential, the mining sector has to play a major role.

“Sustainable and inclusive growth of the mining sector can create significant employment opportunities and Jharkhand’s role would be extremely critical as it is one of the richest mineral zones in the world and boasts of 40% and 29% of India’s mineral and coal reserves respectively. Rapid development of metal and mining sector is essential for Indian economy to meet this increasing demand and promote the strategic balance sheet of the country with enhanced employment opportunities contributing to the growth of Indian economy,” he said.

The third edition of CII Jharkhand Mining Conclave also deliberated on the best practices in mining and discussed on the latest trends and technologies available to enable mining excellence.